A full schedule with set times will be posted about 2 weeks before the show on our schedule page.

Yes. Take some time and checkout our beach if you like. Just don’t lose your wristband. 

Doors will open at 10:30am. 

This is an all ages event. attendees ages 12 and over will need to purchase a ticket. We strongly encourage parents to bring hearing protection for their children.

Beyond the beach music fest is an outdoor event and is held rain or shine, except in the case that the festival may be delayed and/or canceled and the festival grounds may be evacuated if inclement or severe weather poses a threat to patron and staff safety. We encourage patrons to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly (e.g. in the event of rain, we advise ponchos and rain boots). No refunds or exchanges will be given as a result of weather conditions; and no refunds or exchanges will be given for inclement or severe weather that necessitates an evacuation, delay or cancellation in part or whole of the event.

Free off site parking and shuttle is available. Checkout the map at the bottom of the home page. You may also pay to park at Washington Park. 

Most of our food and beverage stands do accept credit cards. 

The venue is accessible and there will be special viewing areas at the main stages for those with mobility limitations. The festival is held outdoors in a park. there will be natural terrain to travel over and if it rains it could become muddy.

There are sometimes great distances between stages. Personal assistance, wheelchair pushes, and any type of transportation, including golf cart rides, are not provided by the festival. If you require any additional assistance please plan on bringing a companion. wheelchairs are not available for rent or loan.

Wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and small three or four-wheeled scooters are allowed in the festival. other power-driven devices will be considered only on a case-by-case basis. a power device should not move faster than a person can walk and extreme care needs to be taken when operating such devices due to the large crowds expected at the festival. Therefore, large, fast and heavy mobility devices are not appropriate in this situation.

Accessible restrooms can be found at the end of each row of porta lets throughout the venue.

Viewing areas for patrons with mobility disabilities:
To find their locations visit the access center inside the entrance, look for the wheelchair symbols on event maps, and watch for the signs with the wheelchair symbol.

Who may use these areas?
Patrons who use wheelchairs, scooters or other mobility devices. Patrons who have mobility limitations of such significance that it substantially limits their ability to stand.

We use a wristband program to facilitate the access program. We recommend that anyone needing to use these viewing areas stop by the access center upon arrival to request a designated wristband. Viewing areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to those who use wheelchairs. The platforms will fill up for the most popular acts, and we ask for your cooperation. Companions and patrons who are able may be asked to step off the platform to make more room for those who use wheelchairs. We have access program staff on-site to manage the access program and answer any questions that may arise.

Companion Policy:
Each person eligible for the access program may bring one adult companion into the reserved viewing areas at any given time. Families, consisting of no more than two adults and any minor children, when one member of the family has a disability, may stay together in the reserved areas.

What’s Not Cool? Faking it! We must reserve these viewing areas for patrons who genuinely have mobility disabilities. Overcrowding the access areas defeats the purpose. Have a heart; do not abuse the system!

Coolers will not be permitted in the fest. Beverages will be available for purchase at a